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We are all electromagnetic radioactive beings with stories, sounds and expressions.

The Sound of Feeling. Songs, stories and Creative expression.

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WRFN will run occasionally at a random pace of events. It runs regularly on weekends,  noon-midnight on Saturdays and Sundays.

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"Making America Groove Again" is a three hour broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays 2pm-5pm. Send in suggestions and they will be considered for playback the next weekend. All times are Eastern Standard, USA.

Podners In Clime

A show devoted to environmental concerns, featuring contributor podcasts on the subject of how we might give our planet a midcourse correction re our human relationship with it.


Where the archives of shows broadcast over can be accessed even when the show is off the air..

The Modern Freedom Show

This is a show that is dedicated to the continuing history of non-violent movements for social change in the United States, featuring songs, poetry, and statements of activists.

Your Space

A place to share commentary related to the programming of Send mp3s to and they will be considered for both airplay and the website's archives.

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